A Beautiful Mess: Blog Life



I came across A Beautiful Mess blog  here about a year ago, and have been following them ever since.

A couple of weeks ago (or at least that’s when I came across it) they have published an e-course called Blog Life. The course is intended for people who would like to start a blog, or who have been running a blog but need some encouragement, tips and refresher course.


My Story:

I’ve originally started a blog last year during my dissertation as a distraction break from my work. I’ve been loving reading various types of blogs for a while and I love writing in general, so I started writing my own blog but as the deadlines approached I was finding much less time to write and I sort of stopped posting eventually.

Recently I’ve been wanting to continue my blog and have been looking for inspiration so when I found Blog Life, I thought it was really interesting and that it is the kick I need to continue blogging.


Back To Blog Life:

I haven’t read the full course yet, I am half way through, but the material I read so far is so good I thought I should post this now in case someone was interested or was thinking about purchasing it.

I would definitely recommend this e-course, it is a nice read as well as full of informative facts and tips from personal experiences of the sisters who wrote this course (Elsie and Emma of ABM) including but not limited to Finding your Strengths, Content, Audience, Photography Tips, Writing Styles, Mistakes and much more….

The course is designed to be read online and you can mark chapters as read as well as ask questions to the writers (which is quite cool). However I do believe that they also offer a downloadable version in case you want to print it or for days when an internet connection is not available.

I think this is a great investment for anyone who would like to start a blog or need inspiration to enhance their blog.

This e-course is available from A Beautify Mess’s Shop here for $50, which I think is quite reasonable for the content.  You can find a full list of chapters as well as additional information about this course here.


Have you ever read any kind of e-courses or blog related tips and courses?



PS: This post was not sponsored in any way, I have purchased the e-course with my own money and my comments are 100% my honest opinion.