Casual Post: Sorting out my wardrobe


Since the weather changed quite a bit now, as we are transitioning into summer it was time to pack away my woolen winter clothes and bring out my light summer clothes.


While doing so, I took a good look at what clothes I don’t like any more or don’t fit and sorted those into donation and trash piles. Once I had a pile of clothes I want to keep, I sorted those into categories; dresses, skirts, tops, shirts, trousers, and jeans, then by colour. I fold my trousers, jeans, t-shirts and other heavy clothing items that would be damaged by hanging. However I hang all my dresses, skirts, shirts and most of my smart tops.


I hang all my hangers facing outwards to start with, then everytime I wear something and put it back, I will hang the hanger facing the back of the wardrobe. This way it is easy to identify which clothes I haven’t worn during the season and later would be easier to decide if I want to keep such clothing or not.

I try to keep my clothes grouped together, e.g work pants together, t-shirts together etc, so it would be easier to pick out clothes and would be able to see all my clothes when searching for something.

Favourite item of clothing for sping / summer has to be my maxi dresses. They are easy to wear, can be layere with a cardigan or light jacket if necessary and they are very comfy!

Do you have any wardrobe organization tips? And what is your favourite item of clothing for the season?